Sell a ticket

  • List your ticket.

  • Once the buyer's payment is complete, a payment completion email will be sent to the seller.

  • Deliver the ticket to the buyer according to the transaction method.

    • Seller selects own courier service and ship the ticket to the buyer if the shipping from the seller to the buyer is done within the same country.

      When shipping to the same country, the seller is responsible for the shipping cost, and the seller should register the courier and tracking number on Ticketbay after shipping.

      If the seller's country is different from the buyer's, the ticket should be delivered to the buyer via DHL.

      Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost for overseas delivery.

    • Deliver the necessary information for viewing(using) to the buyer with PDF format for E-ticket.

    • Other tickets which are not shipping transaction or E-ticket, deliver the necessary information for ticket use to the buyer's contact or email.

      If there is anything else that needs to be heard from the buyer, please contact the buyer and proceed with the transaction.

  • When the buyer receives the ticket and [Confirm Purchase], the transaction is completed and the payout amount after seller fee deduction will be disbursed to the seller's PayPal account.