Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the ‘Agreement’) are designed to stipulate the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of TIMPLUS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the ‘Company’) and its users in using intermediary services provided through Ticketbay Global Website (www.ticketbayglobal.com) (hereinafter ‘Global Service’) operated by the Company.

Article 2 (Statement, Validity, and Revision of the Agreement)

1. The Company posts the Agreement on the first screen of the Global Service so that users can easily know them. However, the contents of the Agreement may be available to the users through a connected screen.

2. The Company may amend the Agreement to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws and regulations if reasonable reasons arise. In that case, the Company shall specify the effective date and the reason for the amendment with the present Agreement on the Global Service from 7 days prior to a day before the effective date. However, if the contents of the Agreement are amended against the user, the notice shall be given at least 30 days of a prior grace period.

3. By agreeing to the Agreement, users agree to visit the Global Service operated by the Company on a regular basis and check for changes in the Agreement. The Company shall not be liable for the damages of members or users caused by not knowing the information on the amended Agreement.

4. Members who do not agree to the amended Agreement may request membership withdrawal (cancellation of the Agreement), and if the user does not express intention to reject to change the Agreement even when the Company has notified or informed the user that 'users who do not show an intention to reject the amends by the effective date announced in accordance with Article 2 Clause 2 of the Agreement, shall be deemed to agree on the amended Agreement', the Company shall assume that the user has agreed with the amended Agreement.

5. The matters not specified in the Agreement and the interpretation of the Agreement shall be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations or commercial practices of the Republic of Korea.

6. In using the services provided by the Company, the member shall comply the related laws such as Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.(e.g., regulations related to the electronic commerce such as electronic document, label advertisement, refund, delivery), Framework Act on Electronic Documents and Transactions(e.g., regulations related to consumer protections), Framework Act on Consumers(e.g., regulations regarding the obligations of the business), Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising*e.g., display of product details, stated matters), and Act on Promotions of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (e.g., privacy policy, etc.) and shall not claim indemnity for violation of applicable law by virtue of the provisions of the Agreement.

Article 3 (Definitions)

1. The definitions of terms used in the Agreement are as follows.

① Ticketbay : It refers to all services and related supplementary services that the company provides an online trading place where the products can be sold or purchased between members through global service.

② Member : Any user who uses Ticketbay by agreeing to the Agreement and entering into the Agreement with the Company.

③ Identity (ID) : A combination of letters and numbers set by a member and approved by the Company for identification and use of the service.

④ Password : A combination of letters and numbers set by a member and approved by the Company for checking the identity of member and protecting member information.

⑤ Products : All types of securities, including the right to enter concerts and various events, are tickets that are transferable to third parties.

⑥ Seller : A member who has approved the Agreement and entered into the Agreement with the Company and who intends to sell products and to list products in the Global Service in the form provided by the Company online.

⑦ Buyer : A member who has approved the Agreement and entered into the Agreement with the Company and who intends to buy products and has registered in the form provided by the Company online.

⑧ Payment Completed : A status that the buyer has paid for the product listed by the seller and not yet received the product.

⑨ Purchase Confirmation : A status that the purchase is confirmed after the buyer receives the product delivered by the seller.

⑩ Transaction Completed : A status that the buyer has confirmed the purchase and completed every transaction.

⑪ Sales Payment : The amount of money the Company shall pay to the seller after a transaction is completed.

2. The definition of terms in the Agreement not defined in paragraph 1 above are governed by general trade practices.

Chapter 2 Company Services

Article 4 (Provision of Services)

1. Ticketbay is an online trading platform (marketplace) the Company provides where members can trade goods with each other by their own decision.

2. The Company shall not sell or buy goods from members but shall provide only tools and services that promote the safety and reliability of transactions between members.

3. Responsibility related to the transactions established between members shall be borne by the members themselves.

Article 5 (Provision of Information)

1. The Company may provide the members with various information deemed necessary to the members while using Ticketbay through methods such as e-mail.

2. The Company may take a suspension of membership if it is determined that the member violates the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea or the Agreement and damages the interests of other members. The Company may provide the member information to the relevant authority if there is an unavoidable reason required by the laws and regulations.

3. The Company shall not guarantee a trust of the access that leads to an error by accessing the route other than the Ticketbay provided by the Company or accessing via other domains.

Article 6 (Disclaimer of Representations and Warranties)

1. The Company shall not be a party the electronic commerce of products as it only provides an online marketplace for the transactions among members.

2. The Company shall not represent a member who wants to sell or buy a product, and no action of the Company is regarded as acting on behalf of a seller or a buyer.

3. The Company shall not guarantee the existence and sincerity of the sales or purchasing intention, the quality of the registered product, its completeness, safety, legality and non-infringement of other people's rights, the information entered by the member and the authenticity of the data posted through the information and the URL linked through the information, and all risks and responsibilities shall be borne by the member concerned.

4. The Company shall not control or restrict all information such as product descriptions posted by members. However, the Company may delete the information posted by the member if it infringes on the honor and rights of others or lists the contents not related to the transaction and violates the laws and regulations. The Company shall take necessary actions such as cancellation, suspension, and other measures.

5. The Company shall not be held responsible for the products or services handled by the sites linked (hyperlink) to the Global Service. The Company and the linked site operate independently and the Company shall not be responsible for any transactions made between the linked site and the members.

Article 7 (Obligations of the Company)

1. The Company shall not violate the Agreement and relevant laws and shall do its best to provide continuous and stable service to users.

2. The Company shall announce the Privacy Policy and comply with it. In addition, the Company shall establish a security system to protect the privacy of users and to use a secure and reliable Ticketbay.

3. The Company shall provide services such as providing information on refunds and receiving refunds so that if the show/event is canceled, the purchaser can receive a refund from the seller or the show/event organizer. If the show/event organizer does not postpone the event on a fixed date and announces a full refund of the amount of tickets through the official channel, the show/event will be deemed canceled.

4. The Company does not guarantee changes and non-compliance with the show/event by its organizer. In addition, the Company does not take any responsibility for the restriction of admission due to the identity verification by the organizer of the show/event organizer or the concerned person.

Article 8 (Posts of Members)

1. The Company may operate a bulletin board where members can freely register posts and register products on the site, or allow members with certain qualifications to operate it. Members may use the bulletin board with an agreement to the Agreement.

2. The Company, in principle, does not control or restrict the explanations and other information posted by the members. However, the Company prohibits the registration of the following contents and can delete the post, restrict the viewing, prohibit writing, or deprive the publisher’s membership without prior notice to the members.

① Contents that violate public order or morals.

② Posting or registering illegal products or pornography, or promoting related products, linking to sites, etc.

③ If it contains infringes on the rights, personal information, honor, credit or other legitimate interests of others.

④ If it contains contents related to criminal acts.

⑤ If it contains false or exaggerated advertising content.

⑥ If it contains content that causes political or economic disputes.

⑦ If it contains computer viruses or data that cause malfunctions or confusion of information and communication facilities.

⑧ If it contains contents leading to the direct transaction by writing details of the product’s sales office, contact information, e-mail, and messenger ID.

⑨ If it is determined to interfere with the smooth running of the company’s intermediary services and other business activities.

⑩ If it contains contents that violate other related laws and international laws.

3. The Company shall not be liable for damages caused by trusting the accuracy of the information, data, facts, etc. posted by other members among members.

Article 9 (Copyright of Posts)

1. Copyrights of the posting on the bulletin board of the Company shall belong to the publisher unless it infringes on the rights of third parties.

2. All the civil and criminal charges, including copyright infringement arising from the posts (including image text and attachments), shall be the responsibility of the publisher of such posts, and the Company shall not be responsible for them.

3. The Company may use the post as promotional or other material with the consent of the copyright holder.

Article 10 (Service Hours)

1. Service is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in principle.

2. The service may be suspended for a period determined by the Company for operational purposes, and the Company shall notify the contents in advance.

Article 10 (Service Hours)

1. Service is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in principle.

2. The service may be suspended for a period determined by the Company for operational purposes, and the Company shall notify the contents in advance.

Article 11 (Service Maintenance and Suspension)

1. The Company shall endeavor to keep the service providing equipment in an operational state at all times, and shall promptly repair and restore it when the service providing equipment fails or the equipment is lost.

2. The Company may suspend the provision of the services

① If unavoidable due to construction of maintenance of information and communication facilities for services

② If the telecommunication business operator as implied in Telecommunications Business Act has suspended the telecommunication service

③ If there is a problem in normal service use due to national emergency, power outage, service equipment failure or congestion of service usage

3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the members in case of suspension of service provision under clause 2 above.

Chapter 3 Membership

Article 12 (Application for Membership)

1. The Global Service provided by the Company is for foreigners (non-Korean) and Koreans cannot join as the member. Koreans are encouraged to use Korean language service (www.ticketbay.co.kr). Any responsibility arising from Koreans joining the Global Service is borne to the concerned person, and the Company shall not be responsible.

2. Users shall apply for membership by filling in the member information according to the registration form provided by the Company and expressing an intention to agree to these Terms & Conditions.

3. When a user applies for membership, it shall be considered as an application for use and shall be approved by the Company. The Company shall post the consent of the use on the service screen or notify the applicant by e-mail or other means.

4. In order to provide the members with beneficial information and deliver the products correctly, the Company may request to provide additional information other than the requested items in the above clause 2, and the members may voluntarily provide or refuse.

5. Only 14 years and over shall become a member and the Company may refuse the application for membership under 14 years old.

6. Members are responsible for the problems caused by false information or information errors registered by the members.

7. Members who steal information from others shall not be protected by the law, and all civil and criminal responsibilities shall lie with the registered members.

8. If the information that is different from facts or false information is recorded or found to be such information, the Company may suspend the use of the service temporarily or terminate the Agreement under the authority of the operator. The member concerned shall be responsible for any damages caused to the company or a third party.

9. The Company may provide members with a variety of useful information about the Company’s services through e-mail.

Article 13 (Obligations of Members)

Members shall abide by the related laws, the provisions of the Agreement, and other usage notices provided by the Company.

Article 14 (Withdrawal of Membership and Disqualification)

1. Withdrawal of Membership

① Members may request the Company to withdraw from membership at any time, and the Company shall immediately handle the withdrawal. However, the member shall complete, withdraw or cancel all sales and purchase procedures before notifying the withdrawal, and the member shall bear the disadvantage regarding these.

② A member who has withdrawn under this article may re-join as a member according to the membership registration procedures and related provisions set forth in the Agreement.

2. Disqualification

The Company may limit or suspend membership if the following reasons exist. However, the Company may give the concerned member an opportunity to state an opinion in advance.

① If registering or selling a product that is false or not legally transferable to third parties

② If the registered product information and the actual product information do not match

③ If the delivery period for the registered products is delayed or judged not to deliver the product intentionally

④ If the member registers or sells a product that is not suitable for trading, or conducts or attempts to trade a product that violates other public order and morals

⑤ If the member violates the rights, reputation, credit, or other legitimate interests of the company, other members, or others

⑥ If the member makes or attempts to conduct a direct transaction to send or receive products without using the service provided by the Company

⑦ If the Company determines that it causes a crime such as fraud

⑧ If someone steals someone else’s payment method (credit card/mobile number)

⑨ If someone steals someone else’s ID

⑩ An act that violates the provisions of the Agreement

⑪ An act of swearing or slandering

⑫ If Ticketbay system or service is used for illegal activities such as sending spam information or distributing malicious code, or acts prohibited by other laws

⑬ If the member registers the sale of a product that has legal restrictions on the normal sale of the product, or which may cause damage to the buyer or any other product that is deemed inappropriate by the Company’s operating policy

3. A member who has a transaction that is not completed by the disqualification under Clause 2 shall take the necessary measures for delivery and refund related to the transaction, and the provisions relating to the liability in relation to the products traded before the disqualification shall remain in effect.

4. In case of disqualification, the Company shall pay the sales payment of the concerned member in accordance with Article 24 Clause 1.

5. The concerned member shall be responsible for any damage incurred with regard to the disqualification, and the Company shall not be held responsible for any.

Article 15 (Notice to Members)

1. If the Company notifies the member, it may be done by e-mail submitted by the member to the Company.

2. In the case of notification to an unspecified number of members, the Company may change individual notification by posting it to the Global Service for more than a week. However, individual notices shall be given of matters that have a significant impact on the member’s transactions.

Article 16 (Change of Member Information)

1. A member shall immediately correct the information if changed from the submitted for the service usage.

2. The member shall be liable for any damages caused by not correcting the relevant matters even when the member information is changed and from wrong correction, and the Company shall not be responsible for this.

Article 17 (Identity (ID) and Password Management)

1. The responsibility for the management of ID and Password shall be on the member, and the member shall not transfer or lend the ID and Password to others.

2. The Company shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by the leakage, transfer or lease of the member’s ID or Password unless it is caused by intentional or serious negligence of the Company.

3. If a member has been stolen ID or Password or recognized to be used by a third party, the member shall notify the Company immediately and follow the Company’s instructions.

Chapter 4 Use of Services

Article 18 (Use of Intermediary Service)

1. The member shall complete the transaction through Ticketbay procedure provided by the Company. Even though the seller, buyer or transaction information is acquired from Ticketbay, the Company shall not be responsible for any problems arising from direct transactions between members who do not go through Ticketbay.

2. The Company may amend the contents of Ticketbay services if there is a significant reason, and announce the amendments through the Global Service screen and announcements.

3. The Company shall notify the members of the changes under Clause 2 at least 7 days prior to the change dated. However, if there is an urgent situation, the service contents may be changed immediately after announcement. In this regard, the Company shall not reimburse any damages caused by the members for not checking the contents.

Article 19 (Obligations of Seller)

1. Seller shall comply with the seller’s local laws and regulations regarding the use of Ticketbay and the sale of products. The seller is responsible for any problems arising from non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and the Company shall not be held responsible.

2. The seller shall be responsible for VAT, sales tax or other taxes on income from the sale of the product, and the Company shall not be held responsible.

3. The seller shall carry out post-processing specified by the Agreement for the sale of the product such as registration of the product to sell, management of the sale process, transaction for the buyer, and ticket delivery.

4. The seller shall handle the warranty service for the selling products at his/her own responsibility and expense.

5. The seller shall keep the seller’s information up-to-date to ensure smooth communication at all times.

6. The seller shall not use the name and logo of Ticketbay arbitrarily for any purpose other than the purpose set out by Ticketbay, or display it in a place other than the designated place. The seller shall bear all legal responsibilities for any damages caused by such acts to the Company, users or other sellers.

7. The Company may request information from the seller regarding the origin of the product, etc. if the seller sells the product in violation of this policy or the law, and the seller shall cooperate with it.

8. If the show/event of the product sold by the seller is canceled and there is an official refund notice of the product, the Company shall cancel the transaction between the members. If the seller already has received the sales payment, the seller shall either return the payment in good faith in accordance with the Company’s instructions, or take appropriate measures to allow the buyer to receive a refund.

9. Registration, sale, and delivery of the following are restricted.

① Products that cannot be traded: Products that are deemed illegal by the operator due to the reproduction, stolen products, or reports received by the member products which violate the laws of the seller’s country, cannot be registered, sold, and delivered.

② If the Company determines that the product is not suitable for the Company’s service, the registration, sale, and delivery can be restricted.

10. The registration of the products shall be accurate and in accordance with the Agreement and the designated form, and the seller shall bear all responsibilities for the contents. In addition, the Company may arbitrarily delete, cancel, etc. the following and give disadvantages in accordance with Article 24.

① False registration of products and registration of the same products repeatedly

② Missing essential information about the product and inconsistent registered information with the actual product

③ False registration to use the payment system

④ Intentionally delaying delivery of products after-sale or repeating it

⑤ The Company tries to contact the seller more than 5 times in 5 days but the contact is lost

⑥ Verbal abuse or assault is used to disturb reasonable dispute resolution for customer complaints

⑦ Registering a content leading to a direct transaction, restricting buyer’s right, and other illegal contents

Article 20 (Registration and Management of Products)

1. The seller shall ensure the information on the product such as the name, date and time of use of the product to be sold, the place and the seat for viewing, and any information that affects the purchase such as sales price, quantity, and delivery, and whether or not it is legally transferable to a third party. The seller shall bear civil and criminal liability for damages to the company or third parties due to false information.

2. The seller shall not register any wording that induces direct transactions, restrict the buyer’s legitimate rights, or register other illegal contents. In the event of violations, the Company may take over authority, delete or other necessary measures on the relevant seller of the registered product.

3. The seller shall determine the type and range of the products and services to be sold, the selling price, etc. by the seller him/herself, and the Company shall not be unjustly involved.

4. The products registered by the seller to the Global Service shall also be registered to the Korean language service (ticketbay.co.kr) and be sold at the same time. This is for the purpose of facilitating the transaction, so the seller shall agree to it.

5. If the seller’s registered product needs to be shipped, registration shall be completed 7 days before the show/event date.

6. The registered product shall automatically be deleted when the usage date entered by the seller has passed.

7. The seller is solely responsible for the legal suitability of the registered product.

8. The Company may request the seller to take the following measures or take the following measures directly if the truthfulness of the information registered by the seller is suspected or determined that it has a significant effect on the purchase.

① Request for submission of documents to prove authenticity

② Modification and deletion of product information

Article 21 (Product Delivery)

1. The seller who receives the buyer’s request for payment confirmation and product delivery shall be obliged to deliver the product to the buyer safely.

2. The seller who receives a request for delivery of products from the Company shall deliver the product to the buyer according to the delivery method specified by the Company. In addition, the seller is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered by the seller (seller’s address, shipping number, etc.) for the delivery of the products.

3. The seller shall be responsible for damages caused by the seller’s failure to deliver the product.

4. If the seller receives a request for delivery of product from the Company, the seller shall start the delivery of the product before the possible delivery date set by the seller. If the delivery of the product does not commence prior to the possible delivery date, the transaction may be canceled and the seller may be penalized under Article 24 of this Agreement.

5. If the product to be delivered by the seller is a paper ticket, the transaction shall be processed by shipping and the shipping fee shall be charged as follows.

① If the seller’s country of origin and the destination of the product are the same country, the seller shall select the courier and proceed with delivery, and the seller bears the full shipping cost.

② If the seller’s country of origin and the destination of the product are different, the seller shall deliver the product through the courier designated by the Company, and the seller shall not bear the shipping cost. If the seller uses a courier other than the Company designated one, the seller shall be responsible for the shipping cost and shall not bill to the Company or the buyer for the shipping cost.

6. The seller shall immediately confirm the commencement of product delivery according to Ticketbay’s instructions after start shipping the product to the buyer.

7. The buyer’s information provided to the seller is for the purpose of delivering the product, and the seller shall not use the buyer’s information for any other purpose.

8. The seller shall deliver only the product paid by the buyer and shall not include any other promotional or commercial materials in the delivery.

9. The seller shall bear full responsibility for the delivery and agree to use the service to verify the location of the delivered product.

10. If the seller cannot keep track of the delivery due to reasons such as failure to keep the waybill or disagree with the use of service to confirm the delivery location, the seller shall be responsible for this.

11. In case of any dispute among the seller, buyer, courier, etc. related to the delivery, it shall be resolved among the parties concerned.

12. The seller shall discontinue the sale immediately, notify the Company, and follow the Company’s instructions to resolve the problem when there is a problem or foreseeable problem during delivery.

13. The seller shall immediately notify the Company and follow instructions if the seller fails to deliver the product due to delivery problems. In this case, the seller shall be faithful to resend or refund process of the product, and if the seller violates this, the Company may withdraw from the membership and may take civil or criminal actions depending on the cases.

Article 22 (Seller’s Reason Attributable and Penalty)

1. In the following cases, the Company may consider that the transaction is not completed successfully due to the seller’s fault, and may place a penalty under Article 24 of the Agreement.

① If the seller delivers a product that does not match the information of the registered item

② If the seller delivers products that cannot be properly transferred to a third party

③ If the seller does not deliver the product

2. For the cases of ① and ②, the buyer may decide to purchase the ticket.

3. In cases of ① and ②, the seller may request the buyer to return the ticket if the buyer does not decide to purchase, in which case the return shall be the same method as the seller delivered the product to the buyer, but the cost required for the return shall be borne by the seller.

Article 23 (Sales Payment and Withdrawal)

1. Upon the completion of the transaction, the Company shall immediately inform the seller of the transaction completion and pay the amount excluding the fees specified in Article 27 (3) to the seller’s PayPal (hereinafter ‘PayPal’) account 5 days after the date of the event.

2. The sellers may withdraw funds through their PayPal account, which may incur PayPal fees by country and withdrawal method. This PayPal withdrawal fee is the responsibility of the seller, and any inquiries or disputes regarding the withdrawal fee shall be settled by PayPal.

3. If there is a dispute between the buyer and seller before the seller is being paid, the Company may suspend the payment to the seller to protect the member’s transaction.

Article 24 (Payment Suspension)

1. The Company may deduct the expensed incurred due to the seller’s fault at the time of payment, and after the membership withdrawal and disqualification of the seller, the Company may deposit a certain percentage of the seller’s sales amount for a certain period and use it to pay the related expenses when the buyer makes an objection such as refund or exchange during this period.

2. The Company may deem the transaction as completed if the delivery of the product is delayed long, and the sales payment may be withheld for a certain period in preparation for a future refund request from the buyer.

3. The Company may suspend the payment when the court decides to seizure and give a collection order of the sales price for the matters requested by a creditor until the seller and the creditor agrees to cancel the decision by consent or payment of a debt.

4. If there are any provisions of the law or reasonable reasons other than the provisions set in this Agreement, the Company may notify the seller of such matters and withhold the payment of all or part of the sales price for a certain period of time.

Article 25 (Obligations of Buyer)

1. Buyer shall comply with the buyer’s local laws and regulations regarding the use of Ticketbay and the purchase of products. The buyer is responsible for any problems arising from non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and the Company shall not be held responsible.

2. The buyer shall follow the procedures specified by the Company in the Agreement for the purchase of the products.

3. If the buyer refuses to purchase without reasonable causes, a disadvantage may be applied under Article 24.

4. If the seller refuses to sell without reasonable causes, the buyer shall follow the Company’s instructions to resolve the problem.

5. If the buyer receives a product that does not match the information of the registered product, the buyer may decide to refund or confirm the purchase of the product.

6. If the buyer needs a refund, the refund shall be made at the exchange rate of the purchasing time for the product.

7. The buyer shall be responsible for the full shipping cost if the product paid requires international delivery.

8. Purchasing prices may be charged to the buyer in USD. The amount charged may also vary slightly depending on the exchange rate of each bank. The Company shall not have administrative rights to these additional charges and shall not be liable for any future expenses that may change the purchase price charged to the buyer.

9. The buyer shall keep the buyer’s information up-to-date to ensure smooth communication at all times.

Article 26 (Signing of Transaction Contract and Transaction Completion)

1. The contract for the product is concluded immediately after the buyer indicates the intention to purchase on the sales posting of the product registered by the seller and pays for the product.

2. After the conclusion of the transaction, the seller delivers the product and the buyer receives the product and confirms the purchase, the transaction is completed.

Article 27 (Service Use Fee)

1. “Fee” means the amount paid by the buyer and the seller to the Company in exchange for using the intermediary platform service and system, and the Company shall determine the fee in consideration of the cost of providing the service, the market situation, the product handled, and the transaction method.

2. The fee shall be charged after the transaction of the product is completed.

3. The fees charged to the buyer and the seller shall be listed below.

① The buyer’s fee is 15% (including VAT) of the selling price registered by the seller, and the Company charges the fee when the buyer pays for the product. (E.g. If the seller enters the selling price of $100.00, the buyer fee will be $15.00.)

② The seller’s fee is 8% (including VAT) of the selling price registered by the seller, and the Company shall pay the sales price excluding the fee to the seller. (E.g. If the seller’s registered selling price is $100.00, the seller’s fee will be $8.00.)

4. The fee may be changed according to the Company’s internal situations, and the Company shall notify the members in advance when the fee is changed.

5. The fees collected shall not be refunded after the payment has been made to the seller after the transaction has been completed.

Article 28 (Cancellation and Refund)

1. The seller shall not cancel a transaction without justifiable reason after the buyer has paid for the product and until the product is received. The Company may charge the seller the cancellation fee set forth in Clause 4 of this Article, and the seller shall pay in good faith according to the company’s instructions.

2. The buyer shall not cancel a transaction without justifiable reason from the completion of payment until receipt of the product. However, the buyer may cancel the transaction in the following cases, in which the Company will refund the full amount of the buyer’s payment (100%).

① If the buyer fails to receive the product normally due to the seller’s failure to deliver the product or delayed delivery.

② If there is a defect in the product due to the seller’s product information error, etc.

3. In the case of Clause 2 above, the seller shall be obliged to sincerely refund the paid amount to the Company.

4. If it is identified that the seller and the buyer have canceled the transaction without justifiable reasons, the Company shall take the following actions:




1 Cancellation : Cancellation fee imposed and sales restriction
- Cancellation fee : 10% of the selling price 
- Sales restriction released upon payment of the cancellation fee 
2 Cancellations : Permanent sales restriction


1 Cancellation : Purchase restrictions for a year

Article 29 (Service Suspension)

1. The Company may suspend membership in the event of a certain reason for the safety and reliability of the transactions through Ticketbay. A suspended member cannot use any or all of the intermediary services.


Service Suspension


Members who caused accidents / unrelated products / if a problem related to a transaction arises / inducing to the direct transaction / using someone else’s name to sign up

Release Condition

When resolved (check with administrator)

Suspension Effect

Log-in restriction

2. The Company may restrict some services such as suspension of service to members who are deemed unsuitable to use the service, such as loss or damage to other members by using Ticketbay.

3. If multiple reasons occur at the same time, it can be released only if all the conditions for release are satisfied.

Article 30 (Confirmation of View and Completion of Transaction)

1. If the Company does not receive a purchase confirmation from the buyer after 3 days from the date of the event, the transaction shall be deemed complete.

2. If the buyer fails to attend the show due to the seller’s fault, the buyer may object to the Company after being confirmed by the show organizer within three (3) days of the date of the product, in which case the transaction shall not be deemed complete.

Article 31 (Storage and Deletion of Transaction Information)

1. The Company shall store the data specified in the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.in relation to the transactions of members and delete afterward. The transaction information stored at the member’s request may be viewed at any time.

2. In the event of crimes, data stored shall be provided to the relevant authorities as evidence in accordance with the related laws and regulations such as the Commercial Act.

Chapter 5 Protection of Member Information

Article 32 (Collection and Protection of Member Information)

1. The Company may collect the necessary information from the members in addition to the information provided by the members for the Agreement by revealing the purpose of collection or use. In this case, the Company shall receive the consent for collecting information from the members.

2. If the Company obtains the consent of the members for collecting information, the Company shall specify in advance the purpose of collecting and using the information, and information related to the information provided to the third party (recipient, purpose of providing, contents of the information provided). Members may withdraw their consent at any time, even if they agree to provide the information.

3. The Company may receive personal information from the members for smooth counseling and identity verification of the members, and there may be some restrictions on the Company’s counseling if the members refuse to do so.

4. The members shall provide facts if the members want to provide information to the Company.

5. The members may view the information about themselves at any time and may ask the Company or the Privacy Officer to correct the wrong information. The Company shall not use the information until the error is corrected when the member requests a correction of information.

6. The Company shall limit the number of managers to a minimum in order to protect the member information. If the member information is lost, stolen, leaked or altered due to the Company’s intention or negligence, the Company shall take full responsibility for the damaged caused to the members.

7. In case of termination of the Agreement, the Company shall destroy the member information of the concerned year in principle. However, the Company shall keep the member information in the following cases. In these cases, the Company shall use the stored member information only for the purpose of storage.

① If there is a need for preservation under the relevant laws such as the Commercial Act or the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., the Company shall keep the member information for a certain period of time specified in the relevant laws and regulations.

② If the Agreement is terminated for the member with a product registration history through Ticketbay, to prevent any intentional termination caused to circumvent the limitations set forth in the Agreement, the Company shall keep ID, name, contacts, and the minimum information necessary for verifying product registration details for six (6) months after termination of the Agreement.

Chapter 6 Disclaimer and Miscellaneous

Article 33 (Indemnity of Company)

1. The Company provides the members with an online marketplace and other additional information. Therefore, any damages caused by the members due to defects of the traded products, errors in the registered product information or inadequate information through the intermediary service shall not be the Company’s responsibility.

2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the member’s trust in the accuracy of information, materials, and fact posted by other members.

3. The Company shall not be liable for any disruptions to the use of the service due to the fault of the internet users or members.

4. The Company shall be exempted from responsibility for providing services in case of temporary or final service failure due to natural disasters or similar force majeure, maintenance, and repair of information and communication facilities, replacement or failure, or disruption of communication. In this case, the Company shall notify the members by posting on the website or using other methods.

5. The Company and the connected company (the company that operates the site linked by the Company’s service screen, links, partnerships, etc.) operate independently, and the Company shall not take responsibility for transactions or contracts between the connected company and the members.

Article 34 (Copyright Attribution and Restrictions)

1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the work created by the Company shall belong to the company.

2. Members shall not use the information attributable to intellectual property rights of the Company to profit or make it available to third parties to use through copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting or other means without the prior consent of the Company.

3. If the Company uses copyrights belonging to the member in accordance with the Agreement, the Company shall obtain the member’s prior consent.

Article 35 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

Interpretation of the Agreement, the Agreement between the Company and the members, and the transaction among members and the jurisdiction are in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.

Article 36 (Miscellaneous)

1. The Company may establish and operate a customer support center in order to reflect legitimate opinions or complaints raised by the members and to resolve the issues and disputes between the members. The Company shall promptly process complaints and opinions raised by the members if they are considered to be justifiable, and notify the reason and period of processing when immediate processing is difficult.

2. If you violate this service or have any inconvenience in using the service, please use “1:1 Query” or contact help@ticketbayglobal.com

3. Business hours are weekdays 09:00~19:00 (closed on weekends and holidays) in the Republic of Korea.

4. Intellectual property rights owned by the Company such as the name and logo of the Company are protected by the law and you have to bear all legal responsibilities in case of infringement.

[Supplementary Provisions]

This Terms and Conditions shall be applied from Dec.1, 2019.

Ticketbay is an online marketplace where members trade products. Therefore, Ticketbay shall not be held liable for disputes arising from transactions among members, such as product defects, product information errors, fraud between users, and returns.

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