What kind of service is this?

If you are denied admission at a venue or stadium for the ticket purchased at Ticketbay, we will refund 100% of the total amount of your ticket payment. (This service is a paid service, and service charges will be excluded when refunding)

How to use

1. Check if the ticket you want to purchase is available for the 'Admission Reassurance Service’. 입장안심 아이콘 (Availability may differ depending on category and product)
2. If you check the 'Admission Reassurance Service' at the time of payment, the service will be applied.

* You can use the service at the time of payment.

Compensation Information

  • Compensation Limit
    Maximum of
    KRW Yearly
    * Limit will reset every year.
  • Number of Compensation
1. In accordance with the compensation process, apply for the compensation, and provide data. An internal review will be conducted after the application.

2. The total amount of the ticket payment will be deposited when the review is passed.

* Service charges will be excluded when compensated.

Apply for Compensation

  • * Application must be submitted within 1 hour from the time of the admission!
  • * Application submitted after 1 hour from the admission will be excluded from compensation.
1. Prepare Evidence
Take photo of the buyer's ID, the actual ticket, the venue/stadium at arrival
(If the buyer and the viewer are different, photos of both ID are required)
2. Apply 1:1 Query for Compensation
Access Ticketbay -> Customer Support -> 1:1 Query -> Admission Reassurance Service -> Claim Compensation
Fill out the application according to the form and attach supporting documents
3. Send Tickets
Send the ticket which was denied entry to Ticketbay(within 7 days after claiming compensation)
(At your own expense) 3rd Floor, Y2M Building, 16-12, Yanghwaro-8gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
4. Compensation Review
Review and compensation will proceed within 15 days after receipt of the ticket.

Exclusion Range

When the transaction is not completed due to the buyer's intention or negligence
When the company cannot confirm the record of admission rejection
When the admission is denied due to the buyer's intention or negligence
e.g.) If you try to enter the venue other than the admission time
e.g.) If the buyer was sick and couldn't go to the venue on the event day
e.g.) if the buyer did not download PIN or electronic ticket
If the buyer was unable to go to the venue on the event day due to traffic
If the buyer couldn't see the event on the event day due to a natural disaster
If the event is postponed or canceled by the organizer
If the application is not made by the date specified by the company
If the purpose of the transaction was fraudulent use of the compensation service
e.g.) If the seller and buyer have substantially the same interests such as the same person, relatives, friends, etc. for the transaction.
Other cases that the company believe to be inappropriate

* According to the Terms & Conditions, if used maliciously, the company will take criminal action and charge all damages to the company.