You can easily present an advertisement for the anniversary of the singer or actor you want.

What is Ticketbay FANding?
A service where anyone can freely purchase advertisements together for the desired amount and present advertisement to the desired stars.
  • Wide color billboard in South Korean subway

  • CM board in South Korean subway

How to participate in FANding

  • STEP 1
    Pick a FANding project of your desired star!
  • STEP 2
    Pick a subway advertisement product
    (The displayed amount of the projects the amount per purchase.)
  • STEP 3
    Check the quantity and Click to purchase
  • STEP 4
    After successful FANding, the advertisement will be displayed and you can check the proof photo in Ticketbay.
What if there is no FANding project for your desired star?

I'm curious about FANding.

What is FANding?

How to buy a FANding?

What happens if the FANding is not successful (if the advertisement quantity remains)?

There is no FANding(Advertisement) project for my desired star

How can I submit the advertisement materials?

I want to check how the advertisement is displayed(exposed)

If you have any questions about FANding, please contact our customer support and we will kindly answer to you.