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$ 430.00
  • Transaction Method : On-site Transaction
  • Delivery Date : Refer to the product details
  • Cancellation Availability : Contact us

Product Details / Shipping Guide


[Advertisements available for immediate purchase]


 1. Purchase an advertisement you want

 - Required information ①artist name ②start date of advertisement

 - Payment : PayPal, Alipay, WeChatPay


 2. Submit the advertisement creative

 - Email to us the ad creative(video or image) until a week before the ad starting date.

 - ticketbayfanding@gmail.com


 3. Start of advertisement

 - The advertisement will be posted for a month from the start date of the ad.

   ex) duration of advertisement : 5th February ~ 4th March


 4. Proof picture

 - When the advertisement starts, we will take a picture or video of the ad to prove.

 - The proof picture will be posted at TICKETBAY website and SNS(twitter, instagram, etc.).

 - If the ad starts on weekends or holidays, the proof picture will be upload the next business day.

 - The upload can be delayed for a variety of reasons.

Product Information Notice

Service Provider
Timplus CO., LTD.
Customer Support phone number
e-mail : help@ticketbayglobal.com
Matters concerning the case where it can be confirmed that it had been certified or licensed by law
Not Applicable
Conditions of Use(Available time, place, additional costs, etc)
Refer to the product details
Cancellation, Termination requirements and refund standards
Refer to the product details
Cancellation, Refund Method
Refer to the product details

Seller Guide

* Seller Information

Business Location
3층 팀플러스서울특별시 마포구 양화로8길 16-12
Business Registration Number
Telecommunication Services Registration Number
제 2020-서울마포-1178 호

Product payment / collection guide

* Payment Guide

Payment Methods
Paypal, ALIPAY, WeChat Pay
Payment Restrictions
For the safety of the customer's payment, if it is judged to be an abnormal order such as fraudulent use of a credit card, the order and payment may be restricted.
If you have any problems with payment, please contact 'ASK THE TICKETBAY'.

* Product Collection Guide

PIN Transaction(E-ticket)
When payment is completed, a payment completion e-mail is sent to the buyer. After sending out PIN number(E-ticket), you can check it on the detail page of the order. For PIN transaction(immediate transaction) products, an e-mail will be sent immediately upon payment, and if not, please contact our customer service.
Shipping Transaction
After payment is completed, the seller will send the product through courier.
You can check the delivery courier and tracking number on the order detail page for delivery tracking.
On-site Transaction
When making on-site transactions, be sure to check the location and time in advance.

Cancellation / Refund Guide

* Cancellation/Refund Guide

Cancellation/Refund Guide
For cancellation and refund of PIN transaction(immediate transaction) products, please check the information in the product details.