Meet your own star's album more special

Buy an album and get advertising benefits! More the sales quantity, more the advertisement types!

x Up to $30,000 advertisement support

Ticketbay's exclusive privilege! Advertising support up to $30,000 Advertisements are provided free of charge according to the number of album joint purchases

Hanteo Chart x Gaon Chart

With an agreement with KPOP STORE, a Hanteo Family and Gaon Chart affiliate, the number of album purchases is accurately reflected in Hanteo Chart and Gaon Chart, which are South Korean album release chart

Ticket Bay Special Guide

  1. 1. During the sales period, if the sales quantity meets the special conditions, the artist's advertisement is executed for free.
  2. 2. The location selection and advertisement proposals are produced and published by Ticketbay.
  3. 3. The advertisement period will differ depending on the level and advertisement location.
  4. 4. When advertising is executed, the period and location will be announced through a notice.
  5. * Ticketbay Exclusive Privilege may be continuously added or changed.

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